Strategic Sports Consultancy Services

Creating and maximizing opportunities

Strategic Sports

Consultancy Services

Our team boasts over two decades experience in all aspects of Strategic planning and implementation in fast moving emerging markets

We provide turnkey solution on all aspects of technical build out including server based HD digital transmission systems, digital archive, satellite and IP based transport solutions

Our capabilities are multiplied by our strong association with sports federations, rights holders, brands, broadcasters and governments

We assist clients towards achieving goals of creating and maximizing opportunities offered by the sports content value chain

Our in-depth knowledge of emerging markets allows us to advise on: Specialized media rights law
. Regulatory requirements
. Content regulations
. Contractual legal issues
. Licensing
. Technical, corporate finance & tax structures
. Efficient management of global revenues

We also offer consultancy on:
. Contract servicing
. Analyzing digital distribution platforms to support rights holders and broadcasters with brand activation
. Post sales reporting
. Viewership audience data and market penetration strategies for media rights